Monday, February 7, 2011

Dr. Dan: I am not afraid of dying; my greatest fear is not living

Dr. Dan Gottlieb
I have a dear friend whose husband had a brain aneurysm when they were married for three years. I met her 20 years later as she described a man who is fully functional physically but has unstable moods and is quick to tantrums. But the worst part of her marriage is the fact that he is not capable of empathy or generous love. When I met her, she told me she had made a conscious decision to stay in this marriage no matter what. So here she is 20 years later and she works 60 hours a week and spends her life racing around. It's almost as though she is trying to stay one step ahead of her pain. CAN YOU TURN TO FACE YOUR PAIN?

The above is from Dr. Dan's Healing the Mind and Heart section of the community. He is our resident family therapist. He answers questions live in the community every Tuesday. SHARE YOUR QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS TODAY.

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